In Home Intake Process

Functional Behavioral Assessment
Functional behavioral assessment is generally considered to be a problem-solving process for addressing a client’s problem behavior. It relies on a variety of techniques and strategies to identify the purposes of specific behavior and to help caregivers and behavior teams select interventions to directly address the problem behavior. Functional behavioral assessment should be integrated, as appropriate, throughout the process of developing, reviewing, and, if necessary, revising an existing treatment plan.
A functional behavioral assessment looks beyond the behavior itself. The focus when conducting a functional behavioral assessment is on identifying significant, client-specific social, affective, cognitive, and/or environmental factors associated with the occurrence (and non-occurrence) of specific behaviors. This broader perspective offers a better understanding of the function or purpose behind client behavior. Behavioral intervention plans based on an understanding of "why" a person misbehaves are extremely useful in addressing a wide range of problem behaviors.

At the conclusion of the intake process, the behavior analyst team will make a recommendation to the scope of services needed and forward this report to the referring agency. The following is a list of the services we provide:

Direct Intervention
The Behavior Analyst meets with the family or caregiver to observe the client in the home or community and to observe the typical response to the behavioral challenges. The Behavior Analyst team will work one on one with the client to teach needed foundation skills to enhance and refine behavior management strategies.

Behavioral Consultation
Behavior consultation services will focus on the goals and objectives as related to the IPP. Prior to the implementation of any services an intial assessment is to be completed outlining the clients specific needs/service type, the number of hours needed as well as parent participation to achieve the client's goals and objectives. Through this comprehensive evaluation recommendations will be made. Once approval is given via the qualifying regional center, services can than begin.

Toilet Training Skills
The Behavior Analyst team will assess the client’s readiness for important life skills that requires advanced behavior training and provide a step-by-step training guide. Toilet-training is a intensive life skills that can be served here.

The family and treatment team will then review all recommendations within the assessment report and follow up with a written authorization for ongoing behavioral services. A face to face meeting with all parties to explain the overall findings is critical to ensure full team consensus. The scope of services (Direct Intervention, Behavioral Consultation, Toilet Training,) and strenghts and weaknesses of each service explained to all members. Once consensus is reached, services can begin.