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Group Home Services

SCB Counseling provides behavioral services to meet all licensing requirements pertaining to behavior analyst services. We participate in appropriate sessions of the facility’s in-service program and assist the Administrator and staff employed by the program with all aspects of program design and implementation procedures.

The services provided includes but not be limited to the following:

  • a) Behavioral Assessments as needed
  • b) Annual and Semi Annual/Quarterly Reviews concerning behavioral progress
  • c) Consultation to all staff pertaining to behavior management
  • d) In-service training in implementing behavior plans
  • e) Development of behavior plans
  • f) Documentation Reviews
  • g) Monitoring of staff/client interactions and providing feedback on such interactions
        to the facility Administrator.

Group Home Training Goals
SCB Counseling provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Group Home, Supported Living, Day Programs and other settings that requiring behavioral support and assistance. Consultants provide professional training and supervision consistent with the needs of the facility, their clients and care givers. Our training goal is to increase language, social and coping and adaptive behavior, behaviors for independence, so as to eliminate the need to engage challenging behaviors. Our direct teaching involves individualized respectful instruction by qualified professionals who employ ABA instructional methods to increase language and communication skills, address toilet training and compliance issues, increase social and social interaction skills, establish effective morning and evening routines, and to help while in the community.
SCB Counseling provides only the best, well-researched, empirically validated approaches to interventions that can be supported within the with the absolute best of what Behavioral Science has to offer.